The Best Policy

Think a minute…A survey was given to thousands of people: 91% said they regularly tell lies and 50% call in to their jobs saying they are sick when they’re not. In fact, over half of all stealing from stores and businesses is done by their own employees.

One survey question was: “What are you willing to do for $10 million?”  25% of the people said they would leave their mate and children, and 7% said they would murder a stranger for $10 million. So in a crowd of 1000 people, there are 70 people who would kill you for $10 million. Think about it!

I asked myself: How much like those average people am I? Have I lied to my family or friends? Stolen from my workplace? Have I cheated in school or on my taxes? Broken any of my promises? If I was guaranteed I could get away with anything I wanted, what would I do? 

A famous writer said:  “Honesty is like art: you have to draw the line somewhere.”  The problem is who draws the line? Do I decide to draw it myself wherever I want? Does the line change with each situation I’m in? Unfortunately, lying, cheating, even stealing, come rather naturally to us.

We do whatever it takes to survive and succeed, because we believe the lie that it is the only way to get ahead. That is how confused and wrong we have become. “Honesty is the best policy—but sadly there are few policyholders.”

We think it’s just a small white lie or cheap thing that we stole; but soon being dishonest becomes our way of doing things. Yet no matter how much money and status we gain, we end up the biggest loser. That is why “Total honesty in little things is a really big thing!”

Don’t forget, sooner or later every one of us is going to pay for our dishonesty in life. It is impossible to escape! Except for one way. The only way to be set free from the painful penalty of your wrongs is to wholeheartedly ask Jesus to forgive you for your dishonest heart and way of living. Then, He can help you start changing to become the person of honesty and true character He created you to be.

Just think a minute… 

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