Church is not a business but it owns businesses

Dear Editor

Allow me to correct your ignorance, Wendy about God, Church and the issue of creation. 

The church is not a business, but it does own businesses. That has never been a secret, and the church has always owned businesses since the early 1800s. 

The church owns universities, which is a business - so no secret. 

The question is, when did owning a business become immoral? 

The church’s businesses do pay taxes, but members’ donations are not taxed because they are donations, which are used to build chapels, temples, pay church employees (except those employed by church businesses), maintain facilities, and to render aid to both members and non-members around the world. 

Also, what is the church to gain when it pays immigrants and refugees to learn English so they can seek for better job opportunities?

Also, before you run your leftist/liberal mouth against Trump, take note that Trump is the reason more Blacks and Hispanics have jobs. 

Many Blacks have now begun to see that your poster boy, Obama, did nothing for Blacks. Oh, by the way, I believe I asked you a couple of questions in my last post, which you ignored, so I’ll ask ‘em again. What have you done for Africans? 

Do you pay them to learn English? What have you done for humankind except spew ignorance on the internet?

Now let’s talk God and creation.

When I said “world”, I meant Heaven. The scriptures that make up the Old Testament were originally written in Hebrew. The Hebrew word translated in English as ‘create’ actually means ‘to form’. You cannot “form” anything out of nothing. To “form” means to have materials already available and form them into something.

Matter is eternal, it is not created and cannot be destroyed. At least that’s what scientists say.

Matter can change from one form to another, but again, cannot be destroyed. For example, a human body. It has muscles, hair, bones and a host of other organs and tissues. But when the body dies and is cremated, it is reduced to ashes.

The body is destroyed, but the matter from which the body was made, has taken on the form of ashes. So, yeah, matter was always in existence, and God used matter to create Earth and everything in it.

As for the “others” who were with God the Father, those would be Jesus, the angels and Lucifer and his angels.

That is why Lucifer and his angels were able to rebel because they were there in the first place. Even you and I and everyone on this planet were in Heaven as spirits before we came to Earth to put on physical bodies. That is why Ecclesiastes 7:12 says that when a man dies his spirit will return to Heaven.

The keyword in that passage is “return”, which means going back to where you came from. 

So many Christians may say this and that, but will stick with what the Bible says.



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