The question of Samoa’s debt

Dear Editor,

Re: The Govt. has nothing to hide 

Wow, the Prime Minister’s explanations about the country’s $1.01 billion debt can be compared to a kindergarten’s explanation of why he or she did something that he or she was not supposed to do. 

The difference is that the kindergarten is innocent and pure in thoughts, actions and deeds where as the government’s behavior, actions and explanation are not.

This is the first time this has been revealed to the public. There were no financial reports provided in the last couple of years. This is too much of a debt to hide. ‘Ua fiu e gaga le kamai moa ae la lava e ioio mai’ aea? 

Risking our customary lands is wrong. Borrowing more and more money is morally wrong. Creating more debt knowing that you are unable to pay it back is morally wrong too.

Doing something knowing that someone else will have to deal with the repercussion later is morally wrong. 

Your explanations are foolish and makes no sense. When a village runs out of money to build their church, they go to the bank and the village usually repays the loan through well organized congregations that would do everything they can to make sure their loans are paid. 

The loan will be paid before another loan is approved. On the other hand, the country does not have anything to pay the debt you and your government has created and will continue to grow. 

The Head of State paying his taxes will not cover this debt in a hundred years. The payment of the debt Samoa is facing will have to come from wise, well thought out planning by you and your government. Stop borrowing money. Stop building and wasting money on projects that are just sitting there and getting no revenue from it. 

What do you mean that the government reassured members of the public that there is nothing to worry about? We are losing our lands. We will lose our country and our culture and our people. We will become slaves to foreign countries because we are unable to repay this debt.

So what if we have loans from the world’s biggest banks? A loan from a big bank or a small bank is a debt. 

The day will come the country have to pay the loan weather it is in 2 years or in 40 years, we still have to pay, that day will come. 

So you think you can continue to dig the hole because by that time, you will not be around to worry about the debt you created. This is ignorant, selfish and cruel. 

The future generations will pay for the consequences of this government’s actions.

What do you mean that the most important thing is how much you pay in an annual basis? The debt is growing more and more each year into the billions. That is NOT a strength. What enough foreign reserves are you telling the people about? 

Please tell the truth. You and your ministers are desperate and getting money from everyone, but that is not going to pay the debt. It is not enough. 


Every person you will tax including men, women and children will not be enough to pay the debt Mr. P.M. because you are still not wise in using the country’s resources. Do not make excuses and mention low interest rates because the hole that you are putting the country in is already hard to get out of it.

God’s judgment is upon you and your people. The cries of these people is heard and you will dearly pay the price of what you are doing.

Of course people should be concerned about the country’s debt to foreign countries. Frugally use the country’s resources wisely, listen to the voice of the people, live within your means and tell the truth.


Mauga Tuioti

Samoa Observer

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