Wrong tree

Re: The Church and its responsibility 

Ah, you are barking up the wrong tree if you expect the likes of the E.F.K.S., the Methodists, AOGs and other protestant churches to care about “works”. 

“Faith through works” is a Catholic thing. 

Protestants believe “Faith” does not need to be proven through works otherwise that is how corruption happens, as Luther and others argued centuries ago. Someone might not have faith but simply does good works to buy his way to heaven.

However, on the other hand, “faith” by itself means the emphasis is on yourself and not others. Hence the usual line: “personal relationship with God” you always hear born-again Christians preach on about. Everything is concentrated on the self. It is all about the individual - me, me, me. 

This kind of belief makes it easy to ignore / look-down / snub those who are seen not to be as faithful. It is also easy with this belief system to ignore those on the margins of society. 

One could sit in the house all day and be faithful and prayerful Christian, without lifting a finger to help those less fortunate and that will be good enough to buy your ticket into heaven.


Petelo Suaniu 

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