Make feelings follow

Think a minute…Do we sing because we’re happy? Or are we happy because we sing? A wise teacher said that it is singing which makes you feel like singing, and it is dancing which makes you feel like dancing.

We can begin singing and dancing without feeling like we want to, but soon afterwards our feelings follow our actions. Remember, your feelings are not actually you. You are the same person no matter how you feel. So make your feelings follow you and what you choose to be. 

We may think sometimes that it would be a wonderful, easy life to be a rich and famous movie star, singer, or athlete. But we forget the tremendous amount of work and discipline they must maintain to always perform at such a high level of skill—even when they do not feel like it! 

So if you want to change and improve your life, you must force yourself to act first, whether you feel like it or not, and in time your feelings will follow. As they say, “Fake it until you make it.” Another wise man said: “Don’t wait until you feel like it. It could be a long wait!” 

In a television interview a famous actor told about his secret to success. He said: “I’ve learned that even when I’m not happy, I can change and control my happiness by my disciplined decision to be happy.”  Happiness is mainly a choice you make with your will. It is not a mood or feeling you cannot control. 

Remember: Don’t follow your feelings—make your feelings follow you. This is the amazing freedom and power to choose which our Maker has given us. That is why if you will ask Jesus to take charge of your heart and character every day, He will help you develop the willpower to change and grow, so you can start living the truly successful and satisfying life He created you to enjoy. Just think a minute…

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