How do tax havens affect you?

Dear Editor,

What is the link between inequality and tax havens?

Tax havens are the project of the 1% [Rich people of the world]

Tax havens are the project of the world’s wealthy.

Tax havens are the project of the world’s most powerful corporations.

Tax havens are the project of the world’s most powerful banks.

How does it hurt the rest of us?

How does it turn the rest of us to the 99%[Poor people of the world]?

The 99% bears most of the tax burden to society to fix the roads, pay for hospitals, pay for public services and public servants, etc

The little people pay and the rich people don’t pay.

Tax havens are fictions. 

There is nothing really there.

Much of the world’s wealth that is booked in tax havens are in a separate set of accounting books. Tax havens allow for an accounting and legal fiction.

People don’t mind paying taxes if we get public services in return.

What people don’t like is the shifting of the burden of public services from the 1% rich to the 99% of the poor.

What people don’t like the shifting of the burden unfairly from multinational corporations to the local business who are the major employers of our society.

These same rich people 1% are using the roads and systems that were built up and paid for by the 99% poor yet they don’t pay their fair share to use them.

The Tax and inequality issue is do we still want public health, free public education, roads, airports, etc. The whole of public services. (Our culture and civilization)

Who is going to pay for all of these services?

The 1% rich uses this whole system we live in and through clever accounting do not contribute anything. At the same time we are being told that we can’t afford health care and can’t afford education, the recreation of our infrastructure etc.

No country should be used to steal from another country.

Come to our country you 1% rich people and hide all your taxes that your advanced society requires to function smoothly.

Tax rules need to be rewritten around the world.

There is going to be mass social unrest because of this unfair tax system and tax burden on the poor.

(This is based on an interview of Harold Crooks director of a documentary called “The Price We Pay”.)

Keith Alderson 

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