Aleipata College holds fashion exhibition

By Deidre Tautua-Fanene 21 September 2018, 12:00AM

The Technical Vocational Educational Training Programme (T.V.E.T.) at Aleipata College held a fashion exhibition yesterday morning.

The exhibition was themed “the colourfulness of creativity” and attracted parents, teachers, relatives and residents of Aleipata district, who turned out in numbers to witness the creative talents showcased by students through their artworks, clothes and prints.  

Lecturer Rachel Riki Sale said they decided to hold a fashion show to display the work students have been doing since the beginning of the year.  

“This is the first time Aleipata or any college in Samoa has done such an event, yes it has been done but it was only inside the classrooms.

“As T.V.E.T. lecturers, we have decided that it was time for the parents and all the guardians to witness what their children learn in the classrooms.”

Ms. Sale said it wasn’t an easy event to put together.

“Especially in the financial side of things, as we all know our people in the rural areas they are not rich and most of the families they depend on their plantations for earning.

“In some families, nobody works however, while we were preparing for this event, I saw how supportive the parents and families of the students are.

“Even though they don’t have enough money, when their child comes home and tells them that they need this and that, the parents made sure their child will get what is needed for this event.”

Ms. Sale added this shows parents are supportive of their children’s work.

“Whatever the student’s need, they will get it and that is why today (yesterday) was a success because of the support of the families.”

Speaking of talents, Ms. Sale said there are a lot of hidden talents within the students, however they just need to be shown the right direction and they will go.

“I have seen it, these students have potential and they have the natural talents,” she said.

“They just need to be shown and they will go.

“The honest truth is and I know this for a fact is that many of the schools in Apia they look down on the schools here in the rural areas.

“I have seen it because I used to teach in Apia as well and that’s what I notice but when I came here this year I saw these kids they have so much talent here.

“They have potential, if they are shown to do something they put their all in that one thing and it will come out perfect.”

Ms. Sale has said they plan to hold the event in Apia next year.

 “And this is also to send out a message to the people of Samoa that the T.V.E.T. programme will take many students to the next level.

“They will make a lot of money and I know that for a fact. They don’t have to work in an office or become a lawyer to be rich, they can put up their own sewing business, or florist, or a gardener and they will get paid more than the school principal.”

By Deidre Tautua-Fanene 21 September 2018, 12:00AM

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