When emotions cloud our judgment

Dear Editor,

Re: The elders of the church 

Thank you T.Hamo! It is always good to read such passion from a follower such as yourself who is not afraid to get to the heart of the Church’s issues, even to the extent of singling out the obvious incompetence displayed by the fallible Elders Committee of the E.F.K.S, and the obvious fact that God is not involved in the administration of the E.F.KS.

Malo le suesue! Malo le tofa mamao! 

However, sometimes even our emotions can cloud sound argument, and influence our judgments to the point that they become non-sensical! 

You are writing about the stigmata incident but then you veer off to accusing the Elders of robbing the people of what is owed to them, a pension also when they turn 65? 

You must be careful with your choice of words, because they are the things that will ultimately judge us as credible public commentators. To resort to sweeping generalisations like the Board are all ‘grumpy old men’, and that ‘anyone can sue the E.F.K.S and win’ are prime examples of inaccuracies in the flow of your logic.

Not all the Board are old men, and being grumpy is not so much an identity marker, but a human emotion and temporary condition that I’m sure even you have experienced. 

Secondly, for anyone to successfully ‘sue’ the E.F.K.S, they must first fully understand the fact that it as Samoan church at heart, and not only is it governed with the greatest respect of our Samoan values of faaaloalo, and va-fealoa’i, but there is certain freedoms enjoyed by every congregation whether in Samoa, or overseas that make it difficult to brush the E.F.K.S under one brush. 

If we understand that the E.F.K.S name can be translated as the Church of the Samoan Christians who are congregating then you will be able to see that our current Samoan identity is integral to understanding the E.F.K.S. 

They are a church of Samoans who worship together, govern their church together, and strive to live and work together according to their faith in Christ. But, unlike a social club they do not congregate in their own power, but depend upon the Spirit of God to bring them together, and it is also the Spirit of God that convicts them of their frailities and weaknesses. 

Maybe, if we suspend judgement, in case we are found judging Christ, the Head of the Church, and the One who sent the Christ, God the Father, we might be best to exercise our faith in Him, by praying more, meditating more on His Word, and doing ministry first on a daily basis with those we are immediately in contact with, before we venture into the public realm to share what limited knowledge and experience we might have...

May God continue to bless your ‘crusader’ type soul T.Hamo in advocating for justice and righteousness according to the measure of faith, that God has given you! Peace!



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