Win for Losing

Think a minute…When two wolves fight over territory, they end their fight in an unusual way. 

The wolf that finally knows he cannot win, surrenders by rolling over on his back and sticking his neck out for the teeth of the other wolf. Then by instinct the wolf who has won does not kill the one that surrenders. So the loser wins his life back.

 You and I have people and things we would fight to keep, maybe even give our lives for. We cannot imagine ever letting go of these things that mean so much to us. 

 It brings to mind an experiment that was done by putting peanuts inside a cage. 

The door of the cage was so small that only a monkey’s open, empty hand could fit through. When the monkey saw the peanuts inside the cage, it would reach through the small door to grab them. 

But then when it tried to pull its fist full of peanuts back out through the cage door, it could not fit. The only way for the monkey to free himself from the trap was to let go of the peanuts. Yet not one of the monkeys let go of the peanuts they loved so much. So they all sat there trapped, with no freedom or peanuts to eat! 

What is it you love most? Your family, your career and financial success, your house and possessions, your social status, or your wrong, excessive pleasures? These are some of the things that are hardest for us to let go of. But God wants us to let go and give them to Him so He can take good care of them and we can fully enjoy them the way He designed us to. 

Remember, God gave you these things in the first place, so He knows exactly the priority they should and should not have in your life. His way is the only way they can fully and permanently benefit you, rather than ruin your life, character, and relationships.

Jesus clearly taught that it is only when our hands are completely free from holding on tightly to these things, that we can take hold of His life of total salvation, security and satisfaction. 

Then, we can begin to learn and enjoy the only way to real happiness that we missed before. 

The more you grow to truly know Jesus, the more you will love, enjoy and trust Him, no matter what happens in life. 

You will not only trust Him when circumstances are going well, but when they are not going well, you will know that He is in control and working everything for your good and happiness that lasts. 

That is when you will discover life’s meaning and secret: “When you have Jesus, you have everything you need.”  Just think a minute… 

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