Water issues hinder family’s development

By Ulimasao Fata 17 January 2018, 12:00AM

Living off their plantation and vegetable garden is a family in the village of Ale’isa-uta.

Fa’alua Skelton, a 38-year-old mother of four, told the Village Voice team the story of her family’s daily struggle. 

Mrs. Skelton said trying to survive every day is burdened by their water issue. 

She says this is a hurdle that hinders her family from fulfilling daily chores. 

When we visited her home yesterday, a metallic drum which they use to collect rainwater was in front of their house. 

 “We used to live with my husband’s father just up the hill, but now we have moved down here to this small land to develop our own small family.”

“Water has been an issue for us for a very long time and we only collect water when it rains and also from our neighbour.”

“Some of the families here on this road still don’t have access to water, but they have water tanks donated by the Red Cross.”

“We contacted the Red Cross two years ago for a water tank, but it wasn’t successful.”

Life is even harder in Samoa when you’re unemployed, with little earnings from your harvest that don’t even match the increasing cost of goods and services. 

“My husband and I don’t work, but my husband supports our family through our plantation and our vegetable garden, as you can see from our patch of egg plants and tomatoes.”

“We usually earn $120 per week from our crops and vegetables when we sell it, but then it depends when our produce is ready for harvest.”

“We sell our crops at the market and we deliver our vegetables straight to Frankie Supermarket.”

A house is also vital when trying to start a family of your own, but for Mrs. Skelton and her husband, a small shack is what they can afford, amidst their daily struggles.  

“We are still working to try and build something bigger than this, especially when our kids are growing up too.”

“When it rains, water tends to leak inside the house as well.”

Mrs. Skelton says life is not easy these days and when you think of it, getting a water tank and a new house require money.

“Getting money nowadays is really hard and by the time we get money, we will have something to spend on.”

“When our kids start school soon, that is an expense and also family obligations,” she added. 

Mrs. Skelton seeks assistance for a water tank. 

For those willing to help her family; she can be contacted on mobile phone number 7731559.

By Ulimasao Fata 17 January 2018, 12:00AM

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