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The role of a Samoan mother

Mothers are known as the unsung heroes of every family.

They bring peace and order to the house.

Patisela Isaia, from the village of Siusega, believes that a mother’s role is very important.

Aged 51, Patisela spends much of her day preparing the house and doing all the chores for the return of her children and husband.

“My family is doing really well,” she explained to the Village Voice.

“My normal chores are just like many other mothers, I wake up and get the children ready for school. I make their lunch and then my husband and I prepare to take care of the rest of the day.”

When asked for her daily schedule Patisela said that she does all the chores around the house while waiting for her family to get home.

“My elderly parents have already passed away and now it’s just me and my children here,” she said.

“My role as a mother is to take care of family. Once the children are gone to school then I just do the laundry, weave mats and prepare the family’s meals for when they all come back home.

“Then I have to do other small jobs which involve cleaning up the land we live on.”

One thing Patisela is adamant about is that a mother’s role is nothing easy.

“Life for us Samoan mothers isn’t easy,” she explained.

“A lot of weight falls on the shoulders of us mothers. We are expected to do so much; we take care of this and that; we do these chores and those chores.

“When the children finally get home from school later on in the day then they can help take some weight off of my shoulders but I work alone most of the days.”

Although they are rarely commended for all their hard work, Patisela says mothers are very important in every family.

“We mothers are very important within every family,” she said.

“We are the ones who bring the family closer together and that’s what I do with my family. It’s not just me; mothers all over Samoa deal with this.

“Looking at the joy on our husband and children’s face when they come back to a house that’s in order is very fulfilling.

“We try to make sure that nothing bad happens with the family.”

Patisela continued to say that although the father of the house also holds an important role, a mother’s area of expertise is their home.

“The father of the family has his roles which is also important,” she said.

“But when it comes to things of the house; that’s where we do our best work. I am just thankful right now that the day is almost finished and my house is in order.”

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