Life can be simple when we make it

By Aruna Lolani 05 June 2017, 12:00AM

While many people are complaining about how hard life has become because of the cost of living, Taeao Napoleone from Solosolo has a different perspective. 

“I don’t know why almost everyone says life is always hard because of the cost of living,” she said. 

“It’s very simple, if you are lazy and you don’t want to earn any money then you won’t be able to afford anything.” 

The 28-year-old is a mother of four.

“Life in general for me is great,” she said. 

“We just got back from our plantation; we brought some cucumbers to sell for some money. 

“We don’t go hungry because if we want to eat, the kids just run to the plantation to get us some taro or banana while I make my way down the sea to get some kuikui or sea food to eat. 

 “People say that the cost of living is very high but the way I see it, there are many Chinese shops around Samoa opening up for cheap goods. 

“Yes there are goods that are very expensive but there are also good quality goods that are more affordable. 

“Suffering from the cost of living depends on your choice.”

She says that if you don’t want to suffer in this world then you must work hard to earn enough money to afford what you want and need.

“Like I said, it’s very simple, what you choose is what you’re going to get. 

 “If you sit around and not work hard to earn a living then of course things will seem to be expensive because you can’t afford anything without having money in the first place.”

Taeao’s husband is a carpenter and he earns just enough to get by each day. 

“The money my husband makes is enough for us,” she said. 

“Our kids are at primary school. All they need is just lunch and that makes it very easy for us.

“The rest of the money is for food and things needed at home. 

“These days, if we work hard enough, we don’t have to complain. That’s how it is for us in Samoa and we are doing well as developing Samoa families.”

By Aruna Lolani 05 June 2017, 12:00AM

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