The leadership in Samoa

Dear Editor,

I want to stress that F for Failure.

If you think of successful leadership as an equation because you obtain a positive result then poor leadership is like an equation with a negative result. The logical outcome of good leadership is that most citizens are happy and content with their lives and that a society is productive. 

If the leaders are happy and wealthy while the majority of citizens are suffering poverty, poor education and public services then clearly those leaders are not serving the community. 

Some say that the Human Rights Protection Party has achieved great things for Samoa and for that reason we should trust them and allow them to rule without asking questions. 

My reply is always the same. 

Without transparency, without us seeing the true amount of $ that has been used by the H.R.P.P for all purposes then we cannot say that they have done a good job.

If the books were opened and we find that they have spent 90% of all income since coming into power on themselves and only 10% on the people of Samoa, then we could say that they have been terrible leaders. 

Analysts have calculated that a country which runs a tax haven doubles its G.D.P due to that very fact alone. 

Yet S.I.F.A, Samoa’s tax haven, although a government agency, pays no tax to the people of Samoa, so that its profits are hidden and disappear.

Samoa’s jetsetting celebrity lifestyle politicians have never had it so good. 

They persuade our people that politics is mysterious, about foreign policy and meeting with the big boys overseas; that meeting the Pope somehow makes them holy. 

Yet the drainage and sewage, the roads and electricity, the health and education sectors fail all the time.

Unless there is a change of leadership so that the H.R.P.P’s books are forced open, then the same result will be achieved every year.

The H.R.P.P receive an F on their report card for leadership.


Maua Faleauto

[email protected]

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