When it comes to political parties, better the devil I know…

Dear Editor,

I write to comment on your recent news headline where your newspaper had referred to as “prominent lawyer Unasa Iuni Sapolu being the leader of a new party”.

But your see Sir, I have been troubled by, given herein below, is a quote from your news article in Italic, hence in quotation and end of quotation marks:

“But it was in the villages”, says Unasa, “where people came forward to sign a petition requesting she and her colleagues establish a political party”.

Now Mr. Editor and all: My channel is a bit distorted here; where and who is the petitioners herein?

Is the petition by Unasa and her group or, is the petition by the people of where ever the villages they had gone to (Unasa and her group) and the villagers had turned up with the petition?

Or, was Unasa and her group going around carrying the petition forms for the villagers to sign?

You see Sir, I am worried here this is what your newspaper had called, prominent or senior lawyers.

And if these are people who want to run for Parliament while they have no idea what a petition is, then I surely have a very, very big problem here to deal with.

These are lawyers; right?

Do they not understand what a petition is? 

Please Mr. Editor! Tell Samoa and who ever else that would want to form a new political party, that there is no need for one, to ride a merry-go-round town and about, to solicit a petition!!!

Just get enough members and simply register with the Electoral Commissioner; karching! Hello!

Petition who?

Unasa Iuni and her group? Why petition?

Ok guys! Please do not ever tell this Palisi man about petition. Because you want to know why Unasa and all?

A petition is only required to appeal to the authority when something is denied or had been delayed, a policy, or even a piece of legislation is not conformed with.

In the Palisi Petition, I am gathering all the people living in Palisi to sign a petition for me to take to Heaven above for the Angels to come fix the Palisi road and waterways systems I have asked the honourable minister of L.T.A. and the honourable Prime Minister of Samoa last year and here I am rather push-biking to town or walk than driving!!

That so Mr. Editor is what the petition is for.

So she also was the legal counsel of this group the Samoa Solidarity International Group Global Initiative and visited villages to raise awareness on issues affecting ordinary citizens.

Really Mr. Editor and all?

Perhaps prominent and senior to you Sir but not to me.

I also not being comfortable with her recent call to legalise marijuana in Samoa hence a deadly herb that would have been causing people to do so, so many funny things. Well never ever am being a consumer but had seen the effects on addicts so help me God please!

I definitely do not need her or this kind of maniac in my Samoa Parliament. I need people with real political talents that are chosen by GOD ALMIGHTY MAKER OF HEAVEN AND EARTH!!!!

And then I say of course Mr. Editor, ambition is great! But getting votes is a complete different ball game in Samoa.

But for me Sir, in regards to new political parties: Better the devil I know than the monster I don’t. With my utmost regret,


Tofaeono Misātauveve Iosefo Joseph Hollywood 


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