Wake up please

Re: Pohiva on China debt 

All them islands are so small and its so easy for the Chinese to buy them off.

Our leaders think that having them build huge buildings, Airport and so on is ok.

No they are not.

Our leaders are asleep, thinking the Chinese are helping with all that.

They are not. They know what they are doing.

In terms of Samoa, we do owe a lot to the Chinese.

How is the government gonna pay for that? 

Samoa don’t have nothing and the Chinese are looking at taking the whole country of Samoa to pay for the debt.

Learn frm Tonga. The Tongan leader is correct one day they those people are are going to ask to take over all them islands due to what they owe.

So it makes a lot of sense of what’s going on nowadays in the South Pacific islands, especially in Samoa. This is messed up.



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