Police Ministry, cause and effect

Dear Editor,

It’s good to see that someone in the Ministry of Police is finally showing courage and speaking out against the so called drastic measure that has been implemented by the Prime Minister and the Police Commissioner, to apparently  address conflict of interest in the ministry. 

It is obvious that this is really about getting rid of those officers alleged to have acted and plotted against the Commissioner in the past year and resulted in his suspensions and arrest. 

Little to do with what is good for the ministry. 

In all the chaos, smoke and mirrors of the dysfunctional ministry that is the Samoa Police Service, I wonder has anyone asked why these events involving the Commissioner occurred last year? 

I mean really look to examine the person that occupies the role. And find out whether they genuinely possess the appropriate moral and spiritual character. Maturity, humility and self-awareness. Appropriate experience and qualifications. Strategic nous, cultural sensitivity and people skills. 

A willingness to listen and learn, trust and delegate, and truly cares equally about all staff. Exercises good, even, fair and wise judgment, and can make quick decisions and not drag, complicate and belabour straightforward or common sense tasks.  All are essential requirements for the Chief Executive Officer post of our country’s Police ministry or any public agency for that matter. 

Seems the real problem here lies in the fact that there has not been much objective and criticial analysis of the person that is in charge of the ministry, and whether they were ever suitable. We know that Cabinet and the Public Service Commission play a hand in government C.E.O selections so they have a lot to answer for, especially to the people of Samoa, in this case. 

I understand there is very low morale amongst staff in the ministry at the moment despite the continuing public showmanship by its leader. 

Part of the problem is having shrunk his team of close advisers to containing only ‘yes people’, and alienating others that can offer a broad and alternative view, and would therefore challenge his precarious world view and ego.

I do feel for those Police Officers losing their jobs especially if they directly had nothing to do with the events surrounding the Commissioner last year. 

I hope a good and decent lawyer can help address their grievances and provide an effective legal solution for them soon. 

There is something to be said about “cause and effect” in all things and situations that develop or unravel. 

One must ask what were the real and underlying causes to the lack of support and subsequent active revolt against the current Commissioner last year. 

And what role did the Commissioner actually play in all that mess? After all he is a living and breathing human instrument that is in a position of authority and influence whose actions (i.e.cause) lead to consequences (i.e. effect).

Something to ponder on.



O le Samoa Moni

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