Coconuts Resort honeymoon for couple from Australia

Angie and Brendan Loftus have a reason to giggle when Dear Tourist asked them for their names.

Being married for just under a week, this was the first time that the reality of a name change occurred to Angie. 

The Australian couple were enjoying their cold Vailimas when we caught up with them outside Dircos at Matautu and we learned that they were spending their honeymoon in Samoa.

“This is our first time and it’s for our honeymoon, we got married last Saturday,” said Angie.

“The idea of coming here - that was all me,” she laughs. 

“He’s never been to the Pacific Islands and I’ve been to Vanuatu. We’ve been to Thailand and Bali and he’s been around the world and so we just wanted to come somewhere that’s very chilled out.”

Angie is a huge rugby fan according to her husband and he suspects that may also have something to do with their coming to Samoa.

“We didn’t know a lot about Samoa except that the Samoan rugby team isn’t too bad,” laughs Angie.

Her husband explains, “She really loves her rugby.”

Mr and Mrs Loftus were more than happy with their choice of accommodation.

“We’re down at Coconut Beach Resorts and that’s part of the reason we came here because they have over the water fales,” she said. 

“It’s pretty amazing actually; we are in the very last fale at the end. It’s just all glass and no one can see anything but we can see all the sea and the sunset – it’s just really amazing.”

Brendan agreed with her, “It’s beautiful, we’ve stayed in a lot of fairly nice places around the world like Bali and Thailand and it’s up there, I’m pretty happy with it.” 

Angie was a big fan of the layout of the resort, pointing out that even the toilets were artfully designed. Aside from their honeymoon, the couple also celebrated Brendan’s birthday in island resort styles.

“Another cool thing is the toilet which has the glass at your feet and you can look down at the sea. It’s like you’re watching T.V,” she said. 

“You should go down there because the restaurant is really good too. It was Brendan’s birthday yesterday (Wednesday) so they set up a table on the beach for us and put lanterns up all around. They served us and brought out a cake and then a band came over and sang happy birthday to him. It was so beautiful, so good.”

Being a first timer to the Pacific, Brendan was impressed so far. 

“I was kind of expecting this because she’s pulled this on me before but the guys sang me two happy birthday songs, one in English and the other in Samoan, which was above and beyond what I thought they were going to do. 

“The food was really good, you come to places like this and you’re a bit iffy about the food but we were very pleasantly surprised at how good the food was.”

For Angie, coming to Samoa was also a way to tick off an item from her bucket list, referring back to the global Instagram photo hit that is the To-Sua Ocean trench. 

“The other reason why we are here is that on my bucket list is the To-Sua Ocean Trench so that’s where we are heading. That pic has got to be the Instagram picture of the century. That place is Instagram famous; when it was posted online it just looked amazing,” Angie said.

Mrs. Loftus first impressions of Samoa left her little doubt that she made the executive decision about where their honeymoon would be spent.

“Everyone is really friendly. When we were driving from the airport fairly early in the morning, I looked out and everything was just so green and there were these beautifully coloured plants everywhere,” she said. 

“After being to Bali and Thailand where your resorts are really nice but then you get out locally and you see that it’s quite poor and very dirty around, whereas here, like at the village where coconuts is, they’ve got flags all down the street and it’s all tidy, there’s no rubbish lying around or anything and that’s just impressive because some places we’ve been too are very dirty at times.”

The couple told us of past experiences where they have seen the idyllic clear blue waters but to look closely was to see all the debris and oil from long boats floating around the sea but to see that Samoa was still untouched was something that stood out to them.

“I definitely would recommend Samoa,” Angie said. 

“Especially if you’re looking for a nice chilled out relaxing holiday. It’s just so beautiful. We haven’t even started looking around but already we are impressed.”

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