Somebody please wake up our S.R.U?

Dear Editor,

I can understand that there may have been some specific clauses in the Sevens Coach's contract that were performance-based but surely after one season the overall performance from McGrath does not warrant termination (or the request to "re-apply" for his job), with not even a third of his contract gone!?

So they never got to Rio - Boo Hoo!!!!! Did the SRU seriously believe they're poor showing was all the fault of the Coach? How about the lack of skill and fitness on the field? The majority of the players weren't motivated enough to open their eyes and ears to any Coach offering them help.

Now we cannot allay blame just on the players, that would be unfair despite how utterly convincing it sounds. No we have to look at the whole picture. It's an inevitable fact that without leadership from the top and a degree of good governance within the organisation the end result will always be substandard or lacking. I have not seen any real leadership displayed by anyone from the union for quite some time. Sure we had someone come over and run the coordination of the All Blacks game for us but that was temporary.

For over 2 years our Rugby Union cant even develop and support a dedicated website for Samoa Rugby!! Type in to any Google search bar the following 3 words - Samoa Rugby Union - then click on the top entry you find and you'll see what I mean. It's been the default website since before the All Blacks came! Just hopeless!! It's the blind leading the blind!

The SRU remains in trouble still due to it's consistent lack of foresight and vision (as the minimum requirements of a professional sports organisation).

So back to Coach McGrath! Approximately one year into his term. Has lead Samoa to some memorable wins against higher ranked teams in the competition and that very memorable win in Paris! Not to mention we made to the final at Rio!!! Are these not positive motivational achievements to focus on with a Coach still with 2 years to go?

C'mon SRU! Wake up and start doing what you are paid for! If the only example of leadership you can perfect is sitting on your arses and praying for someone else to do your work then you all need a serious reality check!

It's really that simple - Lead, Follow or GET OU OF THE WAY!!

Just leave Damian, Alama and the people who can offer something alone to do their jobs!

Peka Faletasi

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