The air is clean, nothing to worry about

Dear Editor,

Re: President Trump and climate change 

Well! Something is very important why the USA president declared his opposing or withdrawn from the issue. 

His decision is also basic on the advisable from his special advisors or vice president. Remember, today’s technologies can visualize things are not seen by our eyes and USA is the country only has those systems techs.

 Ten years ago at the place I live now in Salt Lake City, UT, every summer in the past we faced a lot of smogs and dirty climates every day. 

When the White House passed the law to clean the sky and climate above the country 4 yrs ago, now, no more smogs, no dirty or pollutions at all. So why will I opposed the president if I proved and identify the facts with my own eyes? 

I believe if the climate change and air is clean and clear over here in UTAH, the same thing occurring into all other 49 states of USA. For our small Islands Samoa, there’s nothing you should worry about, our sky is clean and clear because our environment is naturally from God. The only thing we worry about is our commitment and relationship with our Father in heaven. Amen!


A Mauai 

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