Climate change: An alternative truth

Dear Editor,

Re: President Trump, climate change and P.M. Tuilaepa 

A contrarian analyst that’s been covering a broader perspective spectrum of Climate Change and their link to the Globalist agenda has reached the verdict: President Trump has been right all along and been vindicated and a true hero for the American people.

He exited the Paris Climate accord today for a justifiable reason: To save jobs for the American people and to dismantle the One World Order.

First and foremost, I would like to justify my argument by asking a few questions to draw your attention to what’s at stake to further our discussion on the subject matter.

How many people out there actually did some homework on Climate Change? Who are the ones that’s behind these initiatives? What were their true intentions in pursuing the Climate Change narrative? What is the agenda 2021 and agenda 2030 about?

If you can answer those three questions, than you are on your way in unraveling and unmasking of the true colors that’s covering the cloak.

Tomorrow, the group that’s behind Climate Change are meeting in Virginia. They’re called: The Bilderberg group. These are a group of elites around the world that was founded in may 29th 1954.

They meet secretly without any Press coverage every four years to discus matters concerning their Corporate interest and mainly to gauge their success on their Climate Change agenda. They make sure that what has been discussed may never leaked out to the public.

The only ones exposing this are the true patriots or the alternative media that is shedding the light on this dark and murky organization that use Climate Change to justify their unruly and inhumane injustice for mankind.

The question is: If they are so concerned about Climate Change; why are they so secretive in conducting these meetings? Why aren’t they allowing the press to cover what has been discussed so the people may know what’s going on?

The answer is plain and simple; you and I are not part of that agenda if you read and understand what’s written in the agenda 2021 and 2030, than you will know why. It’s literally the extermination of the human race. I will not explain in detail whats’ in it, If you really interested to know, you can find out yourself.

Their number one agenda in this meeting is how to get rid of president Trump. Their agenda has been derailed by President Trump and that’s why they’ve been so relentless in blasting President Trump every time in their propaganda machine media. They own every main stream media which are their main weapon of “fake news” in misleading the American people and people around the world.

They are the ones that runs the world affairs and the Pope has given his blessing to this organisation. They are the One World governing body that shape policies around the world. Worst of, they are not elected officials.

They were behind the creation of the EU and they use their money and influence to hand picked presidents and officials around the world, in fact they were behind Hilary Clinton and with all the lies and deception she was liable for, nothing ever happened to her because they were protecting her. 

President Trump was never in their list to be president because he wasn’t part of the elite group. In fact President Trump was an “accidental” President. They tried every trick in the book to oust him even when he got elected. He has fulfilled all that he promised to the American people and sure enough the elites sure don’t want people to better themselves.



They have bought and sold almost every American politicians and black mailed them if they don’t go along with their agenda. They are the deep state that infiltrated every government and organizations around the world. They have subjected most of the EU states to go along with their agenda and threatened those that will go against them.

The CIA, FBI and all the intelligence community under Obama works for them. They have pushed the Russian collusion narrative with President Trump but nothing to substantiate their claim because there’s nothing there.

They should have investigated the death of Seth Rich which was their IT specialist where the real leak was coming from instead of pursuing the dead end story about Trump colluding with the Russians. They didn’t want to pursue that route because they will find out who really killed Seth. The whole world is upside down with these people.

A Fascist, Marxist, Leninist organization that wanted everyone to be subservient to them to create a serfdom society that can easily be controlled by their technology and implementing new laws that tightened and put a strangle hold on freedom from cultivating your own land for use and limiting your ability of movement for the sake of saving earth while they fly around in their jets polluting the air.

Their carbon footprint tax law hidden in the TPP that President Trump revoked was another misnomer in their trickery way of extracting money from every citizen of the world to fund their save earth project. They will literally tax you for breathing air and walk on earth that is your human right and dignity given by God to be here on earth to live and enjoy.

As much as we know that climate has changed; it is inevitable to know that the planet is going through the cleansing process. The elites know this because they know Astrology and the cycles that the earth goes through every 24000 years.

I know that I will be greatly unpopular by the left and the right because I seek only the truth and the light that we so desperately deserve in time of great deception. Manuia le vaiaso.


Leituala Roger B.

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