Safety concerns at Falelauniu

By Talimalie Uta 08 September 2017, 12:00AM

A resident of Falelauniu has called for better response times from Police in relation to fights and drunken behaviour in the area.

Lui Tevaga, 30, said Falelauniu has become an increasingly hostile village, with people from everywhere misbehaving -- especially young people when they drink alcohol. 

As a father, Lui said he is concerned about the safety of his children.

“Living here is okay but the behaviour of young people is a concern,” he said.

“They get into fights and there is always trouble.

 “The youth have very poor discipline, they don’t even know how to respect older people. It’s very disappointing.”

This is where the Police come in.

 “Last week, our neighbour’s house was stoned by a gang of boys,” he said.

“They were very young. What saddened me the most is that it was just an old man living in that house, by himself. I didn’t understand why these youths were doing this.

 “So when that happened, we called the Police like, ten times, asking for their help because we can’t stop it as there are too many of them.

“However, the only response we got from the Police was ‘we will be there in a minute.’”

Lui said they never showed up that night.

“They only came the next morning,” he said.

“So much for ‘we will be there in a minute.’ It’s very disappointing knowing that they took an oath to protect the country but they are not doing their job according to what they promised. 

“I’m worried about the safety of our country if this is the way they reacted.

 “I’m not saying this to all the Police out there, but the ones who know who they are, the ones that we have called and they never came.”

Lui added that he was grateful for the Village Voice as it allows him an opportunity to express his opinion.

He hopes that the government will read it and someone senior at the Police station will pay attention so that it doesn’t happen again.

 “I hope that this issue will get solved,” he said.

 “Safety is very important and we are supposed to trust the Police.

 “Aside from that, everything is fine with our home, we now have water and electricity.”

By Talimalie Uta 08 September 2017, 12:00AM

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