A happy wife and life (Part 2)

Think a minute…Remember men: “If your wife is happy, you are happy.” A happy wife can make a happy life. Yesterday we talked about two important ways to succeed in making our wife happy.

Today we will finish with a few more.

Third, be a friend to your wife. Understand your wife’s need for companionship and time together with you. She not only needs you as her lover, but especially as her friend.

This does not mean you will go through life walking and talking together all day every day, or always enjoying the same things in the same way.

We are still individual people with different interests and needs. But a good husband will understand his wife’s needs and likes, and he will be happy to join with her in doing them sometimes.

Only a childish man must have his way and force his wife to always do what he wants to do. 

Fourth, just accept the fact that your wife sometimes has changing moods and feelings.

A woman’s emotional makeup is simply different than a man’s, so make it easy on yourself and learn to be patient and considerate of her when she is going through these emotions.

Do not get frustrated and try to “fix it” for her when sometimes all she really needs at that moment is for you to comfort and understand her feelings. 

The fifth and final way to make your wife and life happy is to commit yourself to becoming the best husband you can be. When you work together with her at improving your relationship, you both win.

This means you are willing to take time to talk and listen to your wife about how she feels, and in what areas you yourself could improve to help your marriage improve.

The Bible says: “Live with your wife with understanding.” In other words, wise up and learn what your wife really needs from you. Get smart and learn how to be a successful husband with a satisfied wife. The quicker you learn this, the quicker you will have a happy life together. 

Are you being the man your wife needs? If your wife is not happy, ask her, and yourself, what you need to change to become a successful husband with a satisfied wife. Then ask Jesus to forgive you for the areas in which you have failed.

He will not only show you what you need to change, He will actually help you with His divine power to start making those changes—so your wife, and life, will become the happy one He planned for you both to enjoy.

Just think a minute…

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