A humble suggestion for the Police

Dear Editor

I must congratulate the Commissioner and the Ministry of Police for the capture of so many guns which were either illegally brought into the country or not licensed. 

Well done and keep up the excellent work. 

However, I think some of those guns are still in good order and are the types permissible to be used in Samoa legally. 

Hence, just a thought, why don’t you (Police) sell those guns to some selected members of the country especially the farmers who may need gun/s to protect their farms from pigs, cattle’s and of course, thieves.

Good results perceivable are: 

1. Extra income for the Ministry (200guns X 500 tala each = $100,000.00)

2. A chance for farmers and others to purchase a gun as there are no local gun-shop/s

3. To save some of these guns which are still in good condition and can be used legally

4. It may discourage people to bring firearms illegally into the country

Just a humble suggestion.


Tuala T. Lilii

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