Our children, our future

By Sarafina Sanerivi 08 December 2016, 12:00AM

While the nation celebrates the success of our children with prize givings and graduations, it reminds us that these children are the future of Samoa.

And that in itself is all we need to celebrate whole heartedly.

That’s the view of Lemalie Nauma, from the village of Afega. Aged 42, Lemalie says that this season of prize givings reminds us about what’s most important.

He also says that without hard work, there will be no success and that should motivate the children to continue to work hard.

“All the graduations happening around Samoa is great,” he told the Village Voice.

“It reminds us about a lot of important things in life such as the children’s education. It’s great how we take these graduations and prize givings seriously because we celebrate the success of the children.

“My message to all the students is that you can’t get anywhere without hard work and studying hard. Kids who don’t study and pay attention in class won’t get prizes.

“Obey your parents and listen to all the wisdom they have built up over the years.”

Lemalie says that with life moving forward very fast, investing in the children should be on every parent’s to-do list.

“Life is moving very fast and we need to try to keep up,” he said.

“If a parent can’t afford to put their children through school in modern day Samoa then it’s their own fault. It’s very important that we prioritize the children’s education.

“You can’t just sit around and expect your children to have a nice future out of the blue. You need to try build up your own children.”

And with the children being the future of Samoa, Lemalie reminds the parents that the children will be taking care of them when they get old so pushing them to work harder in school is in their best interest.

“Children are the future,” he said.

“That saying is true in many senses. Your child may not grow up and be leaders of a nation but they will still be the ones who help their family when they come of age.

“So in a sense, they are the future of every family. That’s why they should try and push the children to school because if they do well, then the family’s future will also be good.”

With many child vendors popping around everywhere in Samoa, Lemalie says that not having money to put their children through school is just an excuse that he doesn’t accept.

“We look around town and see a lot of children walking around selling things,” he said.

“It’s sad and they keep saying that their parents can’t afford to put them through school but that’s just an excuse. There is a lot of help from the government in educating children.

“I am also sure that if they ask their village for help to put their children through school then they will do so. It’s everyone’s duty to raise a child.”

By Sarafina Sanerivi 08 December 2016, 12:00AM

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