Stop accepting money

Re: E.F.K.S., stand your ground 

If faifeau do not want to pay tax, perhaps they should stop accepting money altogether, on Sundays and at fa’alavelave. 

Then we will see whether they are in the job for the right reasons.

E.F.K.S. faifeau get their food provided for them; they get their power and water bills paid for; many of them get cars gifted to them by the church which many are allowed to take with them once they retire; they have houses provided for them by the church parish. 

When they retire, many faifeau leave with huge mea alofa payments which many Samoans can only dream of. Some of the most expensive cars in the entire country are owned by faifeau.

So why the need to accept money every week? 

Running up lists of property assets and trust funds for your kids is not the reason for Jesus’ calling. 

In fact, I would say all of those earthly riches corrupt the mission of the church, with many faifeau picking and choosing which church they go and serve depending on how many matafale are in it. 

The higher the number, the more money they make.


Petelo Suaniu 

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