Another concerned parent writes

Dear Editor,


Re: Education system 

I too am an angry parent who has been sending my son to what is supposed to be the best school in Savaii, only to be bitterly disappointed with what can only be described as corrupt practices designed to make substandard and lazy teachers look good at the expense of their students education.

When my son brought home an exam paper that had some questions answered in an obviously adult hand, which were 100% correct, the alarm bells were going off in my household. 

It is all well and good that my son brings home good mark’s, but only if he earned them. 

When a teacher intervenes and cheats on my son’s behalf, it is not helping him, but only helping make the teacher look better by raising their students average.

When confronted, other students were blamed for helping him, which apart from being untrue, calls into question how exams are conducted by these teachers. 

The principal displayed the same look of embarrassment, shock and fear as the teacher when alerted to the situation and responded with promises to get to the bottom of things, which was of course not followed through. 

Better to forget it as if the practise was not brought up by the palagi parent.

As a result, we have taken our son out of the “so called” best school in Savaii, put him into our local village school and arranged a private tutor two or three times a week. 

I feel for the many families that don’t have the luxury of such a solution.



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