High cost of living, a reality faced by all

When faced with such a high cost of living, having a few people with formal employment within a household will only take you so far.

That is according to Faiesea Alesana from the village of Leauvaa-Uta.

Aged 51, Faiesea explains that throughout the year, her family’s general living is decent but there are times that the cost of living becomes unbearable.

Spotted on her way home to do some cooking, Faiesea told the Village Voice team that she feels that her family is blessed in comparison to many who really struggle in Samoa.

“We don’t live too far from here and I am taking some vegetables to cook for the family,” she said.

“We are grateful because we have good, running water as well as electricity which is something that many families go without. We are blessed in that regard.

“Life in Samoa is simple but it can be a struggle.”

Faiesea also agreed that her family is well off in regards to formal employment. With a few of her children holding stable jobs, they are able to get the basic necessities on a daily basis.

“We are also lucky in a way because we have enough to get by,” she said.

“My daughter and her husband are formally employed as well as my other child who works for C.C.K. so there are enough of us who are working within my family.

“We see that as a real blessing within our household. But I still have to manage a small plantation to help out wherever I can.”

Faiesea said that even with those few people in her household holding stable jobs, it does not guarantee a comfortable life.

“On the other hand, there are times when we don’t have enough to cover basic necessities,” she said.

“The reality of the high cost of living really gets to us and when it does, we find it hard to stretch what we earn to cover what we need. But in saying that, most of the time, we do get by with what we earn; it’s not easy but we make it work.”

All in all, Faiesea explains that life is a real blessing and taking each day as it comes, is important.

“I have six children altogether with the youngest one being 15 years old,” she said.

“We are happy with the life we live. Living out here has taught me that no matter how much you earn, Samoa’s cost of living will always be an issue for families.”

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