Why I think you’re talking rubbish. Again

Dear Editor

Re: Living needs


Rubbish again. Nobody is making judgment is whether you eat elegi or T-bone steak at home every other day. 

The same counter to those moronic arguments that if one wants to change policies then maybe they ought to go to Parliament instead of pulpit. 

What people decide to give is given with their freedom to choose. If they decide to give for show on Sunday morning then who are you to judge their 5 minute appointment with glory. 

If you want a new SUV with a $2000 alofa every Sunday then be a faifeau.

The point is arguments can be thrown either way because they’re man made and thus deemed unrighteous. 

Your use of the word ‘feagaiga’ as in faa- feagaiga is a blind stab in the dark in the hope to be relevant. Feagaiga is an agreement between two parties sealed under the authority of the Almighty, the same as the feagaiga between a man and a woman under God in matrimony. It’s got nothing to do with giving.

People have their right to want to be something whether short cited or with the gift of vision, it’s their choice. We only want them to understand, but utterly wrong to force our point of view for their compliance.

My church practices tithing which means 10% for the house of God. I used to do it but not any more. I give what I can afford, which could be nothing or could be 10% or more. 

Tithe is an old testament contract between God an his people Israel. Any use of it in the new testament church is with reference to obedience, not a law. 

My conscience approves of it and thus it’s not sinful in the eyes of the Almighty. I’m only saying this to assure other folks that their contract with Heaven above is guaranteed even without tithing. So far I only know of one church that the faifeau ask the church for a 4WD in Savai’i, and it’s not E.F.K.S. It’s one of those church that agreed to the tax.

You’ve made reference to taxing of the faifeaus in NZ and Australia. 

Not totally true. There may be tax in the person but a vast amount can be claimed on exemption in other areas if you understand the system. 

Check out the Australian 60 minute programme on Hill Song Church.

Most if not all the faifeaus with SUVs as you’ve mentioned were bought by their sons or daughters whom have grown up to be successful in the community.

Government ministers are driving around in government owned vehicles, totally not required by the nature of their jobs, that are being abused day in and day out. Is there a taxing law for the use of a vehicle far more expensive then the requirements of their duty, the dinner parties, the upper social structure of the community invites...No. 

Because it comes with the job.

Every time a church Fono (koniferenisi) is held here, the business community and the country benefits from the influx of foreign exchange.



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