Eggs, fresh, safe and ample supplies

By Sina Filifilia Sevaaetasi 07 May 2017, 12:00AM

The recent ban by the Ministry of Health on U.S. imported eggs has had many consumers concerned. 

However, the folks at Tanumapua Sun Choice eggs want to assure the public that locally-produced eggs are safe to consume. 

And as an added plus, they are definitely fresher than those that are imported and there are ample supplies. 

Yesterday, local media were taken on a tour of the Tanumapua Farm to witness the process from laying to packaging all within the same vicinity whilst providing quality assurance. 

Company Representative, Elvis Amitesh Prasad said, “This is in regards to the press release last week  from the Ministry of Health about the ban on U.S. eggs,” he began.  

“We are here to assure you that the producers, the local production, is sufficient to supply the local market and our eggs are as good as imported eggs are.”

“We want to ensure that whatever is produced in Samoa is safe to eat and the supply of eggs is sufficient to satisfy the market.”

Mr. Prasad also thoroughly explained the sophisticated  process by which chicks are imported from New Zealand and go through several process before they reach the laying stage.  

 “We have a very sophisticated intake plan. We have a very consistent production here.”

Mr. Prasad said that they take extensive preventative measure so that the eggs are safe to consume. 

“We test the eggs and our birds as well.  We send blood samples to New Zealand for testing of our birds. We test our eggs for e.coli, listiria, and salmonella, we test against those microbes." 

“We vaccinate our birds because as a preventative measure just in case of any outbreaks in the Samoan market. These are all preventive measures.”

“We definitely ensure that all the eggs produced here at Tanumapua Farm are all safe to consume.”

Also, since the eggs are local, the timeframe from laying to reaching the store shelf is cut by more than half ensuring freshness. 

“Fresher eggs are always better,” Mr. Prasad said.  

“The reason being, when eggs are in storage, we don’t know how they have been handled overseas.”

“Over here, it’s all transparent. People can come in here and see what’s being produced, and how the eggs have been handled.” 

“Secondly they are always fresh.  Whatever is produced here, the second they get graded they are in the market.  The eggs are only three days old basically unlike imported eggs, which have been through a lot of travelling and you don’t know how they have been handled.”

“Also because of our humid conditions, eggs have to be very properly handed.”

With this ban intact, Mr. Prasad is confident that local egg farmers can supply the entire nation.  

“I’m sure we can supply 100% of the market. In fact at times, when the market is slow we have ample eggs. Definitely we have the capacity to produce and together with the other farmers, we’ll be able to supply the whole of Samoa without any problem,” he concluded.  

By Sina Filifilia Sevaaetasi 07 May 2017, 12:00AM

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