Bluesky chief names date for Tui Samoa Cable connectivity

By Elizabeth Ah-Hi 07 April 2018, 12:00AM

Bluesky customers can expect better value and telecommunication services by mid-2018. 

So said Bluesky Country Manager, Alex Abraham, who confirmed that they would be soon connected to the Tui Samoa Cable.

“We are not too far away from connecting to the fibre cable,” he said. “We were probably going to communicate that very soon to the media. We are working very hard to get connected to the Tui Samoa cable and that the public should already be seeing some evidence of that.

“I’m going to be confident and say that it’s going to be August 4 for the Bluesky customers and I think you’re starting to see the promotions that we got coming into the market like the really good attractive data deals. 

“We try to be very strong on our 4G or 3G network and also the broadband space so there is a lot of products we have that will start to flow in.”

Mr. Abraham emphasized that Bluesky is focused on adding value by enhancing the customer experience rather than looking to drive down prices.

“With the pricing, I just want to share with the customers that the pricing is going to be relatively the same, but you’re going to get a lot more for it,” he said. 

“I think that it’s already coming into fruition, stay posted and look on our Facebook and the media to see what is coming up. We are very close.

“In terms of pricing, we have to keep it very close together because there’s a certain level of costing to run the business, so I think the easiest way for us to give the benefit or the value is by giving more value. 

“The customers will have a better experience. We don’t want to tarnish our price because of that, so we want to make sure that we are giving the best value or the best delivery.”

Mr. Abraham added Bluesky has always been connected to a fibre cable but the difference now is that they have more capacity.

“What people have to remember is that Bluesky has always been connected to the fibre. We have been since May 2009, we have been a fibre customer always so all Bluesky customers have never been disadvantaged.

“The costs of internet then was still quite expensive, the costs have not dramatically changed, so we are still paying a significant amount of money, but what we are doing now is for the same amount of money we are able to get more capacity so that means we can start to pass that on.”

Mr. Abraham is aware that there are still some improvements needed for their network and their services on offer.

“We have gone from a customer base that just used to talk and text to now simple emails, to now Facebook and now video calling. The whole evolution of telecommunications has grown and the network has to evolve at the same pace. 

“Last year, we did a big major upgrade to our core systems, we did 4G and we continued to grow that network and bring in these new features as customers use more, therefore improving their experience.

“Those are the challenges we face, we still have to grow our network and we still have customer demands and they still all cost money. As much as people want to get access to Youtube and all that, we have to continue to grow the network to accommodate.

“We just went through a major upgrade last week so there are some refinements that we are working through and it takes some time to put some things in, but all the feedback that we are getting from our customers, you’ll see them gradually coming through all the time. It can’t all happen overnight but we are taking customer feedback into account and developing it to put out into the market.”

By Elizabeth Ah-Hi 07 April 2018, 12:00AM

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