Difference between delusion and reality

Dear Editor,

Re: Opportunity for Samoa 

Bad idea! Migration of people out of Samoa helps stabilize the population to a manageable number, so there’s no overcrowding or ‘overpopulation’ issues. Samoans are leaving in the thousands every year, the Asian migration are only in the hundreds so Mr. lawman is comparing apples with bears. Samoans overseas are sending remittances in the hundreds of millions of dollars to help the economy. The Chinese migrants are contributing too just like local taxpayers. 

So again Mr. lawman is comparing apples with popo, but then again this is what he’s good at - exaggeration! There’s no evidence to show that selling citizenship to foreign nationals will help decrease the unemployment number in the local workforce. The businesses they’re bringing to Samoa are mostly family shops, so the unemployment level of the local workforce will never diminish in the foreseeable future.  The Asian labour force is one of the cheapest in the world and one of the world’s most abundant. So why should a Chinese company consider leaving the mainland for Samoa?

In fact, the only thing the few Asians already in Samoa will manage to do is to take over merchant businesses from the locals because they have the money to do it. 

And they will flood the country with cheap inferior goods, which will be a disadvantage to the local consumers when it comes to spending their hard earned money. 

In probably 10 years time, Apia will probably look like a little Asian town with the locals looking like tourists.  So where exactly is the promise of prosperity Mr. lawman? 

I like the foresight of Connect Plus Learning, but what I think is most needed in Samoa right now are shrinks and psychologists. Stui and his gang of nightmare catchers need to understand the difference between delusion and reality.


Le Mafa P

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