It is worth fighting for your land

Dear Editor,

Re: M.P. warns govt. again 

The big deal is that Samoans will risk their land. The U.S. has much different land laws than Samoa because the indigenous people of the U.S. as well as in Hawaii had already lost their land to British foreigners. 

Ask yourself who are doing the worst in the U.S. besides the black community, the American Indians on the mainland and the Indigenous Hawaiians in Hawaii? Rupert was not going to make much difference to the land situation by the time he became a U.S. citizen. The Samoan people still have something worth protecting from British/American/Chinese multinationals. 

Development in its current form is not good for indigenous people when it comes to maintaining their land and holding on to their autonomy, culture and language. 

Isn’t it bad enough that Samoans have already lost their god and are losing their language? Why are you so quick to advocate your people losing their land through easy citizenship for foreigners? 

This absolutely spells the end of fa’asamoa. It cannot survive under palagi ownership of private property rules and palagi cultural genocide. Palagi cultural genocide is good for palagis, especially the white ones, but not so good for most indigenous people. 

For the majority of Indigenous people it manifests into colonial abuse. A few elite Indigenous people may benefit under palagi systems but the majority suffer poverty and landlessness. 

The outlook for the people after they lose their land and culture is alcoholism, violence, and other social problems. No Christian God, as far as I can see, has saved any Indigenous people and their culture from this evil truth after they lose their land to palagi laws. 

Finally, look at the damage Rupert Murdock has caused to the minds of the American people with his Fox News network, is that what you want for Samoa and the Samoan people, to be brainwashed with racist rhetoric by the likes of that monster? 


Wendy Wonder

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