Think a minute…You may have heard the famous true story of the Mutiny On The Bounty. English sailors rebelled against their captain, William Bligh, in the South Pacific.

They took over his ship, and then put him and his few loyal men on a small row boat out in the middle of the Pacific ocean. These rebel sailors knew that they had committed one of the worst, most serious crimes with the punishment of death. So they escaped to a lonely island named Pitcairn.

There they sank their own ship to hide from the world for the rest of their lives. Less than 20 years later, only one of those rebel sailors was still alive. Their little island paradise had become a living hell. They had fought so much among themselves that they killed each other off one by one.

When the last Bounty mutineer was finally discovered, he had completely changed into a different person. Instead of the alcoholic thief and murderer he had been, he was now a gentle, loving father. The British government was so impressed by the change in this old rebel sailor, that instead of executing him, they forgave and pardoned him for his crimes.

What happened to that rebel sailor and criminal to completely change his heart and character? Well, he had become so depressed and hopeless from all the fighting and killing of his former shipmates, he became an alcoholic who was almost constantly drunk. One day when he was ready to kill himself, he found Captain Bligh’s old Bible.

He began to read about Jesus Christ’s mercy and love for him, so He asked Jesus to forgive Him and help him change. From that day forward, he began to obey and live Jesus’ way every day.

Friend, maybe you also have rebelled and know that you’ve been living wrongly. Maybe you even feel like a castaway, rejected by your family and friends, but especially rejected by God.

Did you know that you can never become too wrong or bad for God to love and accept you. He will never cast you away or reject you, no matter what you’ve done! In fact, right now, Jesus is just waiting for you to ask Him to forgive you and start changing you from this day forward, for the rest of your life. Will you do it? Just Think a Minute…

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