Samoa needs to get back to basics

By Ilia Likou 26 October 2017, 12:00AM

Samoa is a Christian State that is supposed to be founded on God’s word.

But Sina Faleao says Samoans are moving away from that foundation.

She said there is so much happening in Samoa and things are not looking good. 

The Bible says the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and Sina Faleao believes that the events happening in Samoa shows no fear of God at all. 

“I grew up in a Samoa founded on God and it was so sacred, and by the looks of it now, it is not the same anymore,” the mother of six from Nu’u said. 

“Samoa is not really the same anymore because back then everything was sacred especially the family.”

“The girls in every family were not allowed to wear shorts inside the house only their lavalava, and that’s why so many issues nowadays with girls because they are not practicing that anymore.”

The 51-year-old mother said climate change issues were part of not fearing God.

“Lately there have been so much earthquakes and tsunami warnings because we are disobeying our God and disobeying Sundays.”

“A lot of people in Samoa today are just debating with God’s will but not obeying His will and his teachings.”

“I am not judging but that is what I think is the root of so many things happening in Samoa lately, because we are judging God whose word we are founded on.” 

Sina also commented on violence against women and the news of the incestuous relationship that involved a father and his daughter.

“Honestly this is really disappointing; this shows that we’ve lost a lot of respects especially our family values,” she said. 

“We hardly see our children as our own because we spend so much time in gambling, that is bingo from Monday to Monday.”

“We forget that family is where all things start, family is where parents sit down with their children during evening service (faigalotu).”

“Mothers forget that they’re responsible for their daughters and they need to attend all the time.”

“Fathers only work for their Taula and Vailima but forget that they have children and family to look after and that’s really sad to my understanding.”

Sina believes the only solution is for our country to bring back the good old ways.

“Parents must have enough time with their children especially after evening service, they need to communicate and always remember to have respect for each other.”

By Ilia Likou 26 October 2017, 12:00AM

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