You sound like your uncle

Re: Complete rubbish 

Hahahaha PS Jeffrey you’re starting to sound like your uncle; rubbish this, rubbish that, anyone that says anything about the government is rubbished. 

The real issue people are concerned about is poverty, our National Sovereignty, our assets and Lands which is under threat but you and your uncle are denying. I’m not interested in other countries debt to GDP ratio or any other spin off you’re trying to put on it. 

If you’re saying our G.D.P. is about SAT$2 billion/year and our total debt is about SAT$1 billion/year, and SAT$33 million/year repayment is coming out of the government budget of SAT$800 million/year. 

Why are there hundreds of families who are living in poverty and do not have running water or electricity? 

What then will be the repayments if the national debt is increased from SAT$1 billion to the estimated US$4 billion or SAT$10.1 billion quoted by your uncle in the papers? 

Does our small economy have the capacity to make repayments for these loans? What will be used as collateral for loans? 

These are the issues the Samoan people are anxious about and want answers.


Oi Sole

Samoa Observer

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