Stand up and be counted

Dear Editor

Re: Petition to Parliament  

As the saying goes, “Nothing ventured nothing gained.” Ae malo le lafolafo ma le faasoa i lau Susuga.

Attorney Iuni Sapolu represents the S.S.I.G. organization in Samoa, along with many fine residents of Samoa, ...voters if I may add. These are the brave hearts who marched, protested in rallies and are now going to PETITION the Goliath of Samoan politics for the last 30 years, to Repeal L.T.R.A. 2008, or take a hike.

As a matter of fact, S.S.I.G. has a membership of thousands where S.S.I.G. Vice President, Attorney Iuni Sapolu, is but one. Yes, Iuni Sapolu as an individual has views, values and opinions of her own, which might not necessarily represent S.S.I.G.’s, however, Iuni Sapolu Is The Voice of S.S.I.G. in Samoa with regards to L.T.R.A. 2008. She stands in solidarity with other astute and professional voices who have been crying in the wilderness, if I may, for years, “ Samoa from L.T.R.A. 2008. REPEAL L.T.R.A. 2008”. 

Most of us are known to the Fono and P.M. Tuilaepa through our advocacy against L.T.R.A. 2008. 

Maua Faleauto, Fiu Mataese, Dr. Ken Lameta, Namulaulu Albert Ainuu, Tuloto Unasa, Pei Eric George, Tasi Piuila, Suluama Patu Laumea Vivolo, Pepe Hunt, Marie Laumea, Ruta Lealaitafea, Tuaoloa Utai, myself, etc., etc., are those voices. So as you can see, Iuni Sapolu is not alone.

But in reference to perceptions and preconceived notions of how politics in Samoa are dictated by one man, an immovable Bully, and his party, the fact still remains, the man is not God. The people of Samoa can remove him at will because they own the government and the country. O le avafatafata lava a le atunuu a faafaigata iai matou. Peitai e sili le fano ole toaititi I lo le fano o le atunuu atoa. Pe moni lea?

It is Samoa’s right and responsibility to stand up to evil leaders, which is exactly what is happening now. You are a witness, Sir. 

The status quo is unacceptable therefore we, Samoan patriots of S.S.I.G, represented by Attorney Iuni Sapolu and S.S.I.G. Samoa members and courageous Samoans worldwide, take a leap of faith knowing our God has heard the cry of our people. For If not now, when?

If not S.S.I.G. and Iuni Sapolu, Who? 

Thank you for your support. Soifua. 


Asipau Pamela Tafua

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