Following the right map

Think a minute…Have you ever been lost? If you travel to another country you don’t know, getting lost can be very frustrating and discouraging. For example, you’ve just come to Manila, Philippines and you want to go to a certain place in that city.

A map of Manila would show you how to get there. But what if you had the wrong map? What if your map said “Manila, Philippines,” but it was actually a map of Jakarta, Indonesia.

Can you imagine your frustration in trying to get where you want to go in Manila, when all the time you’re following the map of Jakarta? You’re following the wrong map.

You could work on your driving skills and actions. Try harder and drive faster. But that would only get you to the wrong place faster! You might even work on your attitude and think more positively. But you would still be lost. Even being good and kind to other drivers and pedestrians along the way would not get you there either.

You see, your biggest problem is not your actions and behavior, or your attitude, not even the good things that you do—even though these all are very important. But your number one problem is that you have the wrong map.

You must have the right map of life, or you simply can’t get where you need to go. There is nothing more frustrating than being lost and not having the right map to find your way.

This is why Jesus Christ came. He said I am the only way to true life. Follow me and I’ll lead you to where you need to go in life. I’ve got the right map. I know this land and territory called life.

I know the way things really are, both now and after you die. So trust me and follow my way. Then, you will find the good life and satisfaction you’re looking for. So friend, won’t you decide right now to ask Jesus to forgive you for living your own wrong way? Won’t you choose to start following the right map of life—to start following Jesus? Just Think a Minute…

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