Wind Beneath His Wings

Think a minute…General George Patton is one of the greatest soldiers and battle leaders in history. He was also an athlete, poet, and historian. This multi-talented man was a mixture of both great character strengths and flaws. As a boy Patton was sick and weak, but he disciplined and pushed himself to exercise and train until he became a world-class athlete in the Olympics when he was 26-years-old.

George’s father was a lawyer who never wanted his son to be a soldier. Yet as a boy, George’s heroes were many of history’s great military leaders. So he forced himself to be brave just like his heroes he read about. 

Even though his father did not want him to become a soldier, George had another person who encouraged him throughout his childhood. This person helped him fight his first childhood battles, as well as trained his body and mind to become tough enough for both World War I and II in which George would lead massive armies to victory. 

Amazingly, George’s closest friend in his youth had to read everything to him, including all those inspiring true stories of history’s great military leaders—because George Patton could not read or write until he was 12-years-old! In fact, George’s mentor who read to him also taught him how to ride a horse with great skill, as he later did in World War I. George’s friend and teacher who saw greatness in him even as a small boy, and prepared him to be one of the world’s great men, was, in fact, a woman: his mother. 

It’s been said, “The hand the rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.” You could say that George Patton’s mother helped rule the world by training her son to become one of the greatest battle leaders of the Allied army that saved millions of lives and changed world history. 

But you yourself can have an even greater teacher and friend. He will not only show you the only way to greatness, He is the only One who can give you the power you need to get there and reach your full potential. Won’t you ask Jesus to help you start living His true, successful way? He will lead you each day, all the way. Just think a minute…

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