Of racist allegations, Tuilaepa and Bainimarama

Dear Editor,

In response to the people who say I am racist for standing up for Bainimarama, you are obviously blind and foolish if you think what I say is racist, ignorant, and full of hot air about your colonial puppet leader. 

Look at the people of Sogi. Wake up while you still have Samoa. 

Fiji is not at risk. Also the article specifically says Bainimarama wants to kick Australia and NZ out of the Pacific Forum while forging ties with China and Russia while Tuilaepa wants to keep Australia and NZ in the Pacific Forum and we all know he is forging ties with China and Russia. 

Maybe you are the ignorant, racist, windbag as well as being blind. 

Just for your info, the race card never works to silence me, as you have so desperately tried to do, because I have so much ability to analyse my own thought process that I realize we are all racists with racial bias therefore I am able to check my racism before I act on it. 

Speaking the truth about someone's heart and mind when all his actions support his colonial ties, except when he wants to manipulate the general elections with Samoan cultural laws, are not racist just the truth. 

If I was in fact a racist as you say, I would have just reduced him to one very derogatory term instead of being specific on where his loyalties lie, which I did not, because that would have made me a racist and as I said I have too much self awareness for that. 

I know full well that you, my dear, are just as racist as me and if you are unaware of this about yourself you are also unable to self reflect, so give it a rest. 

Maybe the people of Sogi don't matter to you because they are actually not real Samoans but rather Solomon Islanders, so their feelings about their land being expropriated by your colonial puppet just aren't that relatable to you? 

And finally, I would argue that your colonial puppet, western educated, parliamentarian promoting leader is more racist and discriminatory towards the poor people of Samoa than I could ever be. 


Wendy Wonder 

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