Let go of the controls

Think a minute…A pilot was flying his small airplane, a Cessna 150, when suddenly he lost control. His plane began spinning and falling to the ground! He panicked and began doing everything he could think of with the controls.  

Finally, after a few seconds, he remembered his teacher’s words of instruction:  “If you ever go into a spin and start falling in this plane, the Cessna 150, just let go of the controls! This kind of plane will stop falling and fly straight again by itself.”

But letting go of the controls and trusting the plane to fly straight and save him was the hardest, scariest thing for this pilot to do. 

Finally, he pulled his hands off the controls and waited. After many seconds of his Cessna plane spinning and falling, it returned to just normal, level flying and he was safe again!  Even though the plane fell more than half a mile, the pilot survived because he trusted the plane enough to let go.

If you’re in trouble or going through a major problem, decision, or crisis in your life. You may be feeling like you must do all kinds of things to fix it. But nothing you’re doing is working, so you’re frustrated and worried. You know the best thing you can do is what that pilot finally did. Just take your hands off the controls and stop trying to change and fix that situation or person yourself. 

It’s hard to do, especially if you feel you’re the only person who is trying to do anything about it.

But why not just let go and ask Jesus to forgive you for living your own wrong way. Then, ask Him to take full charge of your whole life, including your problem. 

Put every area of your life into God’s hands:  your future, schooling, job and family, all your worries and problems.  It’s only then that Jesus can start making everything in your life work together for your good and happiness. Every day, Jesus will help you know what you should do, and also how to trust Him to always do His part. 

It’s only then that you’ll finally have real peace and confidence, even while you’ve got problems.  Just Think a Minute…

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