Tourists impressed by Samoa’s agricultural variety

By Anina Kazaz 26 October 2018, 12:00AM

Meet retirees, Betty Burkett, 88, and Harry Elliott, 80, from Australia.

They flew into Samoa last week Saturday for a holiday and to experience life in the islands. 

The Dear Tourist team met the pair at the Agriculture show in Apia yesterday. 

“This event is good to encourage farmers to produce more than just their own use,” Harry said. 

Betty added:  “This show I think is wonderful. I am very pleased we didn’t miss it. The potential in agriculture is immense. You could do a lot more farming on this island. 

“All that people need is a little bit of money to kick off and advice. This sort of encouragement is exactly that. There is a great potential for small farmers here.

“We are very spoiled in Australia, but here you could have a lot more tourism, which needs a lot of wise investment. So there are a lot of things you could do and what I think people need is the start help.” 

Harry said in Australia it’s over touristy and he as a local doesn’t enjoy it.

“There are lots of tourists in most countries but here right now is real good. I mean it is good to be prepared to go away. I think Samoa is very good, as well as the people, who are really nice and approachable,” Betty said.

Betty and Harry hired a car to explore the island, and Betty said there is not much to do for people their age. 

“They (elderly people) can’t do snorkeling, scuba diving some can but all these activities aren’t especially for those people. Something like a bus tour as they aren’t good in walking. It is a place you enjoy in that age as well.”

The amount of rubbish is another concern for Harry, especially around Apia.

Their food experience in Samoa could have been better, Betty said. 

“My Samoan relatives their cooking is fantastic. In the hotel they try to cook western food and I don’t know why they don’t cook local food, which has been so wonderful. It would be nice to at least have both.”

Harry added: “Some destinations think that what we want is western food but that’s not for everyone. We come to Samoa for Samoan food and people tend to forget that. They don’t have to change much for tourists.”

Nonetheless, they’ve enjoyed their stay and they look forward to returning.

By Anina Kazaz 26 October 2018, 12:00AM

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