Good adult children (Part 1)

Think a minute…If you have a good relationship with your parents, you know that they have always wanted you to be happy. Chances are they have been working for your happiness since the day you were born, and some parents even before you were born.

Now that you are an adult, you want the same for them. The fact is no one can give more happiness to your parents than you. So here are some ways to get started.

First: Call them regularly and tell them what you are going through. Tell them your hurts and disappointments. Our parents still want to know what we are facing and feeling. You can count on them to care when no one else will. But don’t just tell them your problems and troubles; tell them your joys and victories too. That lets them know they are still a big part of your heart and life. 

Second: Gratefully accept their gifts, big or small. Let them know they are still able to contribute to the family by paying for a meal or giving gifts to their children and grandchildren. We all need to be needed, no matter how old we get. Say “thank you” as your mother pays for that new dress or your father pays for that new tool. And weeks or months later, tell them how much you have enjoyed their gift to you. 

Third: Give gifts to your parents. As a child you were naturally the taker in the relationship; but now that you are an adult, you should choose to be more of a giver. You are the one making the money now. You know the things they really enjoy, so give them those gifts from time to time. The fact that you remember your parents’ favorite things shows them how important they still are to you. 

Number four: Tell your parents that you, and others also, have noticed that you have become like them in some ways—whether it is your appearance, personality, or abilities. And you want to pass on to your kids the best that you have received from your parents. 

Of course, your parents are not perfect, but neither are you. So honor and love them like you will want your children to respect and care for you when it is your turn to be old. Won’t you ask the One Who gave you your parents to help you become the loving adult child your parents need? Just think a minute…

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