Mothers protect families

By Aruna Lolani 02 August 2017, 12:00AM

This much is true. Mothers will do anything to keep their children safe from danger.

Nati Lua from Lalomanu knows. 

“Children feel attached to their homes because of the mother,” she told the Village Voice.

“And what’s happening now? Some mothers just do as they please while leaving their kids at home.”

“So of course bad things and inappropriate behavior are bound to happen because home doesn’t feel like home to those kids especially when your kids are females.”

“It’s true both parents are responsible for their kids but asa  mother and from the point of view of a mother like me, a mother is the one who is over protective of her girls.”

“So many problems have happened because parents don’t talk and advice their children as they are growing up.”

“By the time they are all grown up and live lives of their own, it’s too late to get one word in their ears because now they think they know everything.”

“Bad things start from the moment when your children disobey you. This is the time for you to do your duty as a parent to correct them because if you don’t, they will think that they are doing the right thing.”

“You know, we see some of the youth and the kids these days, their parents tell them something to do and they don’t listen. That’s because they have that mentality that they know everything.”

She added “Sometimes, out of the blue, you see a teenage girl walking with a pump on her stomach and you don’t even know when happened.”

“Things like these have come to exist because you are not looking out for your children especially your daughters.”

“So we have to fix that because in the end, it’s all the parents fault.” 

“The world is changing so it’s always good for parents to predict what could go wrong.”

“I mean look at the technological changes nowadays; look at the impacts new mobile phones have on our children.” 

“So we need to do something about this when it comes to raising our own children, set rules and always advice them on what they should do. Don’t be afraid to do your job as a mother and as a father.”  

“As a mother, I advice to all mothers, things are changing fast and we must keep a close eye on our girls, our daughters.”

“If anything goes wrong, the punishment should fall heavily on us because we are women and we all know what that’s like.”

“You have to advise them over and over again and make sure that are they taking your advice to heart.”

The 35 year old mother has children of her own and she only has one daughter.

“I only have one girl and to me, she’s everything. That’s how it is with the whole family because she’s the only girl and just like myself, her father and brothers are very protective of her.”

“That is why we sent her to Australia to get a better life there.”

By Aruna Lolani 02 August 2017, 12:00AM

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