Taxes, church and history

Re: “Church’s decision is like someone putting a gun on the Government’s head” - Prime Minister Tuilaepa.

The rationale for the church not to pay taxes extend way back when Church and State were of the same entity. Now, the employees (faifeaus) of the ‘system’ has to pay taxes but the returns created by church assets which is a Corporation should never be touched because its the fundamental right granted by his ‘cousin’ the govt. for political and economical control of humanity. 

Since Samoa has adopted the good ole mantra of the mother church of Babylon the Great granting Samoa a Christian State status reminds me of the time when Constantine in AD 325 after the unification of the East and the West declared Rome as a Christian State. 

What that means ecclesiastically is that the state is now in control of all the assets of the world (land). It was more of a political move rather than a spiritual move. And by the way, the Christians that Constantine annihilated were the Gnostic Christians, the true Christians based on knowledge (thinking) not the fake Christians we have today based on a belief system. Is it a coincidence that our customary land is in jeopardy in the hands of the “registry” which is the government and Samoa being a Christian State? 

Somebody has to do their homework to see through the cloak of deception of govt. and their “kissing cousins,” the church has imposed on our people. Knowledge is power but precise information is more powerful.

On another matter, your editorial titled the “Old Court house, letter from a friend and S.I.F.A” is interesting.

White washing history was always the hallmarks of the imperialist and now circumvented by our own govt. to erase the memory from future generations to know the true history of what happened to our beloved country of Samoa. 

It’s just like the burning of books in Europe during the Romantic Nationalistic era to keep future generations in the dark so that they can be easily controlled.


Leituala Roger B.

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