Why such a team will not work

Dear Editor,

Re: Campaign calls on the Rock 

I don’t think a team backed by NFL players and entertainers in the US of Pacific island heritage makes any sense. 

For one, the financial cost and burden to support a team continuously is not a trivial matter, and these sports stars and personalities would be asked to risk theirs and their family’s own financial futures in a venture they probably have only a passing interest in. 

A quick google reveals that the Reds have an annual operational budget of approx. AUD$80m a year, or approx USD$60m. 

I’m not sure how many islander NFL players there in the NFL who are willing to part with some serious money annually to support that. 

Then there are the other challenges of basing a team somewhere in the Pacific, the current negotiations involving the rest of the Super teams in SA and Australia who are currently being tempted to break away to the European competitions. All these add up to a serious consideration required, and that proposal that I think the Rock is being unfairly harassed to take a look at, should be made public to ensure all the boxes are ticked. 

I hope the Rock has the sense to say thanks, but no thanks. 

While we want to see our boys take on the world in rugby, I think the smarter and fairer move is to be conservative by continuing to produce good players to send overseas to the European teams, and continue to strengthen the SRU to focus on bringing the reputation of the Manu Samoa back to its rightful glory. 

We just don’t have the money for an islander team, as awesome a thought of one is. 

Finally, I personally think we should ditch rugby union and take up rugby league as the new national sport.


Ioane Sauniatu 

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