Why are you unemployed?

If you are unemployed, blame yourself. Nobody else. Almost.

Let me explain. People say I need a job. Doesn’t anybody? Unfortunately, those who proclaim that way, and I don’t blame them, do not know, with all certainty, what kind of a job they want. On top of that they will say: any job, I don’t care, just a job. And they give a perfectly valid reason why they need a job. And as merit to it they say: I am honest, hard working. 

I’ll do my best, etc. But that is not enough.

Any employer, worth his/her salt wouldn’t dream to hire anybody under those pretenses. A job is not charity. There is certainly a risk to it. And if they know it, the blame –if it doesn’t work out, is upon them. Do not blame the employee, he is grateful, of course, to have a job, any job.

The truth of the matter is that in order to get a job, he or she must know how to go about getting one. Just like anything in life; there is a right way and a wrong way to do something. Looking for a job is no different. And as a good advise: better choose the right way right from the beginning. Do not enter the forbidden territory of trial and error.

Waste of time and money, not to mention lots of frustration.  Unfortunately, not too many know that. Because they think they know it, and as such they do not put too much importance in doing “a job” in finding a job.

Finding a job is a hard job-for some. Let us face, it is my belief that there is a job for everybody in this planet. Just like there is enough food for everybody on this planet. People should not die of hunger, neither suffer from the lack of a job. Why? Because there are many things that have to be done and somebody, yes, somebody, have to do it, or it will remain undone. Just like if you don’t dispose of your garbage it will keep piling up until somebody decides to do it. 

The trick of the matter is find out where is that job for you. Look for it and you will find it. To give you the biggest hope, let me say just this: there are over 33   ,000 occupations in a well developed country, example the USA, Canada, and the U.K. And if you are a positive fellow one of those “is for you”. And how long it will take you to find “your job” is entirely up to you—nobody else. Persistence is one of the many ingredients, but not the most important. Your decision to get a job, as a goal, is another factor, but not so important, yet. 

Now, let me get to the meat of the matter, that is, why some people are unemployed? 

What I am going to emphasize here, and I have ample evidence, scientific evidence at that, somebody, and that somebody was Dr. Bernard Haldane who spent 50 years of his life to prove his point. He invented in the 60’s, job counseling/personal development. And how rightfully he was. The sooner the unemployed know about it, the better.

In fact, there are two ways to find a job: one from the OUTSIDE IN- the most prevalent, and believed to be the only one here and elsewhere, and the INSIDE OUT approach. Luckily for the unemployed; it was invented in 1962. This latter approach, extensively used in the USA and in highly developed countries, by the biggest corporation and educational institutions, and for those who are in the knowing. They are diametrically opposed to each other, and their effectiveness is in favor of the latter. And why I am so sure of its effectiveness-seven times- of the INSIDE OUT approach? 

Because I tried it and it worked for me, and for anybody else who want to use it.

The most amazing thing about the INSIDE OUT approach is that the way how to do it is WITHIN YOU, nobody else. In other words, you have the secret of your own success. And neither luck nor miracles play any part on this process.

Looking for a job is not a lottery, you have to work at it, And if you do your job in looking for a job you will get it. I can guarantee you that. Like I said before, it is up to you.

 But first, you have to be in agreement with me about two things: First, everyone of us is a unique being on this planet, not even twins are the same-in the head, I mean, not in the dress. And second success is your birth right. The great educator Lowell said, “no man is born into the world whose work is not born with him.” Remember I said above: there are over 33,000 occupations in any developed country. You go after one, it will be waiting for you. Perhaps not around the corner from your house, maybe a little bit farther. But it is there. Just like chasing a rainbow, you will find your pot of gold at the end.

Now, get it out of your head, once and for all: YOU DON’T LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES, and if you don’t get rid of harmful traditions, don’t blame anybody why you remain poor. Since poverty is a state of mind; so is love, change your mind set and you are ready for a real change. If you think, and rightfully so, you deserve a change, go for it. What goes for individuals also apply to countries. 

Getting back to how not to be unemployed. For all those who want to succeed in life they have to do something extra. Successful people have given that extra, rather generously and have enjoyed it. And what is that something extra my dear job seekers? Put the extra mile in everything you do; it is called ACHIEVEMENT.

Let me define achievement for you: “It is something you do very well, enjoy it while doing it and finally you are proud of what you did.” “(life should be) simple, but not simpler”, said Einstein. You know how he came out with the theory of relativity? Pure brain power!

According to his wife one day he was having breakfast, and all of a sudden said to his wife: ”bring the rest of my meal up to my room” She did as told and for the next 2 weeks he did not leave that room, his food was brought up every day. And at the end of those 2 weeks he came down with 7 sheets of papers. Out of his 6 discovers 2 of them dealt with his famous theory and the even more famous formula E=MC2. The rest is history.

So the “simple” formula is: put the extra mile, no matter what. You can do it. You know why? Because you were born with talent and abilities, and other skills you learn in life and by the time you are a young fellow you known, or should know what you are capable of doing. Or what you are made of. And if you don’t know somebody can help you to discover your true personality. Some do not need to be told what they are good at, example Mozart, Edison, Helen Keller, Indira Gandhi, Leonardo de Vinci, etc. For the rest of us, there is SIMS.

SIMS stands for: System to Identify Motivated Skills. For the simple fact that those who are successful at something use their motivated skills. They are turned on by them. Those who don’t, 80 per cent of the employed people, do what their employers tell them what to do. They don’t do what they would like to do-put the extra mile-complacency sets in, and the country and family suffer for not finding out what they are really good at.

Remember when you are looking for a job, the employers look for what you are good at, something that can fit with his company future. Achievements count a lot, duties and responsibilities are a mere condition in your résumé, by the same token, hiring based on qualification and experience, does not cut the real value of a man. Why? Because these terms are self-explanatory and meaningless. 

Being employed is very much like being married. If you want your marriage to be happy and durable you better think very carefully in choosing the right partner (the job) Do not confuse love with lust (money). Money will follow for those who choose the right job. For those who fail to do that divorce (firing) is just a matter of time. 

In getting a job, education is crucial. Not for some, Bill Gate is one, but never hurts. For those kids graduating, it is very common to hear from them: I want to be this and I want to be that. No problem, if you have the time and money you can acquire any information for a price. The crucial question is: Do you fit the criteria to be what you want to be or is just a fidget of your imagination. 

Sure a lot of people get a job the “easy” way, no sweat. The question is for how long and how happy are they when they go to work every Monday morning?. Statistics tell us that only 20 per cent are in that enviable position. This Russian writer Maxim Gorky tell the real truth: “When work is a pleasure life is a joy. When work is a duty life is slavery.”  

If a company, regardless of its size, wants to stay in business for a long time, they should hire those in the 20 per cent bracket. Meaning those who have showed achievements in their previous jobs. You know why? Logic tell us, if they have achieved something it is more likely that they will keep achieving in their future jobs.

What I am talking here is: The progress of a country (company) is the product and result of its quality of people being hired. Hiring achievers will assure the country a smooth way to get out of poverty. If our CEOs and ACEOs do not achieve, the money paid to them is wasted. Most of them are engrossed in their “duties and responsibilities” and leave in the way side innovation, creativity and plain imagination. 

You don’t sell your “duties and responsibilities” in your previous employment to an eager employer waiting for somebody to raise his/bottom line. He/she is buying achievers not payroll fillers. Like I said above; there are jobs for everybody on this planet for those who are willing, capable, and a go getter. 33,000 to choose from. 

For a complete description of the right approach to get a job: INSIDE OUT, read the book by my former mentor and job counselor Dr. Bernard Haldane’s: HOW TO MAKE A HABIT OF SUCCESS. Any questions: [email protected]


* Orlando Huaman is a job counselor and freelance writer based at Malololelei.

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