Obesity a sickness of the heart

Dear Editor

I travel a lot and that is why I am critical of public services we have ie our Airport at Faleolo, the taxis and public transportation etc..

Most of the time what I read of here at home is through the online Observer which at least keep feet to the ground on the happenings of home.

I’m just making a point of observation here and I know it’s not on topic but I’ve seen it on the paper everyday in your photo section and I’ve noticed this a few years ago now. Our people are OBESE. We’re obese as a people especially the women. 

I do most of my travel around New Zealand because of family and to Australia and the Asia Pacific region and the common factor with our people is obesity. 

I just can’t help but notice even when walking around Apia, which I love to do, that a girl or a young lady who is proportional in all her grooves is a very rare site. 

I’m ashamed to mention it but I almost come up with a conclusion that when a girl or a young lady has all her grooves proportional in all areas, I tend to believe that she’s not taken. It’s very rare to see that in our people now if you get my drift sorta speak.

Obesity is a sickness of the heart. The demonic spirit of gluttony has been allowed into our souls. I’m speaking spiritually here. When this happens someone in authority has opened this door for spiritual infestation. 

You don’t see it because your eyes are accustomed to it and the changes are slow but if you spend a lot of time abroad or getting a comparison bases from other places, I just can’t help but notice our people are getting fatter all the time. 

I don’t know man, but it’s not like other places and other cultures.

In my high school years in the seventies, I love to go and watch cricket at the Eleele Fou during independence celebrations. A team of Police officers from Tonga will put up an exhibition to show-off how to counter the obesity problem they have. 

It used to be a problem in Tonga in the seventies because the King I was told ate a whole spit roasted pig everyday. The King is gone and so is the obesity issue in Tonga. The women in Tonga are very proportional in their figure. 

We are having that problem right now. It’s across the board but mostly noticeable in women.

I can’t wait for our leaders and people to come up with an excuse like we have bigger bone structure or taro is heavier then potatoes but it is what I see and if you don’t believe me check it out next time you travel if you can make the difference. Is anyone else seeing this?


Steve R.

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