An open letter to Mr. Savesamoafrommadmen

Dear Sir,

I don’t/won’t join in the forum and I apologise that I won’t be checking for follow up comments or letters due to the unrealistic, silly, side issues and unrelated biblical quotes that some sprout off with, they are just ridiculous.

Samoans it seems; will have to embrace burglaries, due to the apathy of many.

Having said the above, your comment of a blessing was a nice thing for you to bestow upon us and it gives my wife and I inspiration to go on trying to think of ways to help the poor, the victims and the elderly of Samoa. 

Your note was short and sweet but to the point and we cherish it. Please forgive me for not answering in the future, as I must give Mata’afa a rest from me. And everyone else as well. Ha ha ha.

I’m always in good spirits, not miserable as one sarcastic and patronising fool called me, and who considers that his sort of rhetoric and himself to be Christian. Unfortunately saying that lowers me uncomfortably to his standards, but you’ll know who I mean and I’m getting too old to put up with dills like him and as the missus says, “People like him are not worth the brain space.” Maybe that’s a quote Wendy might consider, the poor woman is really up against it and her frustration shows with the retarded comments she tries to make sense of. As I have done Wendy, why don’t you give up? The amount you have put up with I think would be like banging your head against a brick wall and it would be a relief for you when you stop.

Thank you Mr Savesamoafrommadmen, you are a breath of fresh air and proof that there are decent people on social media. We wish you well with the quest that your name portrays. But from what I have experienced of late, you will surely be up against it. Keep banging away, you may be more resilient than I.

All the best, your friend in scribing. Well - keyboard that is.

Tofa Soifua, Mr. S and Samoa



PS. Thank goodness for Leali’ie’e Rudy Ott, a good, generous and realistic Christian.

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