It’s a land laundering system

Dear Editor,

The Torrens System is a land laundering system.

The loss occurs when a lease over land is registered in the Torrens 

System-the rights of all owners are replaced by registration in the name of the Sao, or a cunning family member, -at this time Article 102 is affected and people lose their rights because by the Torrens system -this registration extinguishes title of the suli, the family heirs, and deposits it 100% into the name of the Sa’o. Starhawk,

 “DIALOGUE is meaningless without accountability. It becomes simply an exercise in public relations making the institutions in question look sensitive while the violence of their policies continues unabated.”

Without integrity, good governance, accountability and transparency all this government does is to continue to string the public along and not discuss issues-it remains silent or issues propaganda. The public interest is ignored. People starve while others munch oxen.

The Land Titles Registration Act 2008 is unconstitutional because it degrades the rights of citizens from being absolute to being conditional upon them registering them with all of the cost involved and puts families at the mercy of a corrupt regime and biased unjust self-serving state employees and a court system which promises no result but does enrich lawyers.

The HRPP, lawyers of the HRPP State, The Samoan Law Society, the Asian Development Bank, ignoring its own Indigenous Protection Safeguards, the Australasian Press, NZ and Australian academics. All except Dr. Iati Iati and Ruiping Ye LLM, and the Nevander sisters remain silent as the People of Samoa are being victimized. Through Propaganda the People are being lied to.

All preparing to TAX all land in Samoa to feed a Dictatorship that is already out of control. Alienating in violation of Samoa’s Constitution all Customary Land Rights of All Samoans because the Land Titles Registration Act 2008 is a land laundering legal machine which destroys Customary Land status and only issues a Freehold Title:

The sovereignty of all land registered is transferred to the State; Customary Land status is destroyed ending all ancestral or Customary Land rights.

The person on the Certificate of Title is given secondary land ownership called a Freehold Estate but must pay TAX to the government and do as they are told in how to use the land.

The State as the true owner can also just take the land for public purposes, which in Samoa means any purpose decided on by the government or command all use of it to serve their interests.

So many tribal people have lost their lands in the same way and had their spirits crushed while foreigners and their generations feast on the heritage of that race.


Maua Faleauto

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