A letter by a heartless person

Dear Editor,

After reading Joe Hollywood’s letter about the photo of the kid sleeping on the streets, I started to question his mentality.

His letter is a strong indication of a person void of compassion, has no heart and no soul, very ignorant, inconsiderate, cold and insensitive towards children. 

His letter also indicates a man who is frustrated and full of anger and hatred. Only a narcissist and a manipulative individual will manipulate the Truth and convert it into a lie that this reality on our streets; was a scene for a movie.

There is no Hollywood in Samoa but there is a delusional Samoan wanna be actor named Tofaeono Joe Hollywood Tinoa’i that took off from NZ and is now living in Brisbane to pursue his ‘acting’ career.

Is this man trying to say that all the child street vendors who are sleeping on the street, are all actors? We all know that’s a Big lie. No wonder why PM Tuilaepa likes to have him as his mouth piece because they both have a lot in common - they are both manipulators, hate the people, and are very, very good actors that will never make a debut anywhere but in front of each other.

I couldn’t help myself but had to try to tap into the mind of someone like Joe Hollywood to try and understand his mentality. 

He reminded me of what an American professor said in a documentary when they were debating the treatment for pedophiles around the world. He said, “Pedophiles can be the best actors in the world. Every move they make is calculated and rehearsed so when they get caught out, they know exactly what to say, what excuse to give, what lie to tell, how to behave, what mood to be in/use and what body language to use to throw off investigators. Unfortunately for them, it does not always work. There are people in the world who have been trained to identify these types of people.

Pedophiles often try to associate themselves with high profile govt members whom they can turn to for assistance when caught out. Look at the pedophiles from around the world who got caught recently and see who they’re associated with. Most high profile government members are distancing themselves from them when they got caught out as some high profilers themselves don’t want to get out too. I’ll let you be the judge.


Mebahel Raguel

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